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Why In-Person Measurement for Window Coverings Is Necessary, Even With Builder's Measurements

You might question the need for a professional to measure your windows for coverings, especially when you have the builder's measurements on hand as you finalize the details of your home or commercial property. Though this might seem like an unneeded step at first, it's key. It can help avoid any future issues, ultimately saving you a lot of time and money.

Here's why: Variations in Construction and Settling

If you install window coverings long after your building was constructed, the size of the window might have changed. During the construction process, minor variations can and do occur. Whether it's due to changes in materials, construction techniques, or simple human error, these discrepancies between the planned and actual dimensions of a window can significantly impact how your window coverings fit. In addition, over time, buildings/homes settle, and this settling can lead to slight alterations in the size and shape of your windows. If you're installing window coverings long after your building's construction was completed, the measurements of your windows might not be the same anymore.

Specifics of Window Covering Measurements

Builder's measurements typically consider the entire window unit for structural purposes. However, window-covering measures need to be more specific. For instance, they need to account for the depth of the window casing for inside mounts. For outside mounts, they need to consider how far you want the coverings to extend beyond the window frame.

These factors are critical when choosing your window coverings. An inside mount gives a clean, built-in look, showcasing attractive window molding, while an outside mount can make a window appear more prominent and offer increased light control and privacy. The choice between the two can impact the aesthetics and functionality of your space.

Customization and Accuracy

Customization is another critical factor. The extent to which you cover your windows is up to your personal preference and functional needs. Builder's measurements won't account for these choices. So, if you create the illusion of more oversized windows with an outside mount that extends beyond the frame, you'll need new measurements to ensure the fit.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, measuring the windows ensures you work with the most accurate measurements possible. This matters a lot for custom window coverings, which cost a lot and usually can't be returned.

In conclusion, while builder-provided measurements are a practical starting point, having a professional measure your windows in person is a necessary step in the process. It ensures accurate and specific measurements that will result in a perfect fit for your window coverings, ultimately saving you from costly mistakes or adjustments. So, embrace this stage of the process—it's a small step that plays a big part in making your space look its best!

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